About the Lear

Bill and Moya Lear step out of a Lear Jet

One day in church, Edda Morrison leaned over to Moya Lear and whispered “Wouldn’t this make a great theater?!”. A long-time patron of the arts and husband of aviation innovator Bill Lear, Moya had to agree with her friend. Their church was an excellent space for a community theater! In 1997 she worked to make that vision a reality by donating a $1.1 million pledge, on the condition that her pledge was matched by the community. After matching $1.3 million, the building was purchased in 1998.

The Theater Coalition managed the theater and its renovations until 2012, with shows taking place inside the actual theater in 2001 and 2002. Renovations were never completed, and the theater has been closed since 2002. Recently, management of the theater was transferred to Artown. It is Artown’s goal to complete renovations on the theater, with the input of the public for whom this theater exists. Moya envisioned a community space that could host anything from a children’s dance recital to a world-renowned string quartet. The theater’s size and location make it ideal for this purpose, and it’s historical elegance will awe those who enter it.

We invite you to join the effort in making Moya’s dream finally become a reality! What kinds of events do you want to see in this space? How do you want it to look? Come by on Tuesday evenings during July for the Artown event:¬†Tuesdays with Moya.

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